Having a plan in place BEFORE claiming your Jackpot
is crucial to maximizing your winnings and protecting your privacy.

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Jackpot Advocates' mission is to provide winners of MegaMillions, Powerball, Casino, Win-For-Life Scratch Off and other lottery games with the perfect team to provide optimal anonymity, tax and financial planning services.

Our expertise in this industry has allowed us to create a network of lawyers, accountants and financial advisors who specialize in guiding jackpot winners through the issues that should be addressed immediately after realizing their win.

Ideally, your anonymity, tax and financial plan will be designed especially for you before claiming the jackpot, creating a foundation on which your financial strategy can thrive.


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Beginning with Anonymity

The state in which you won your jackpot determines if claiming the prize personally will jeopardize your anonymity. Within our network, we offer attorneys who are highly skilled and committed to keeping each winner safe and protected from nefarious elements, while delivering the utmost in professional care and legal assistance. They can instruct you on how to claim your ticket so that your friends, extended family, and more importantly, the general public will not know who actually won the prize. This important aspect of claiming your jackpot can potentially insulate you from an onslaught of unwanted attention, pleas to lend money and other inconveniences.

Tax and Financial Planning

Signing a winning ticket personally could cause detrimental tax consequences that can be avoided. Jackpot Advocates works with a network of professional tax and financial planners with years of experience working with jackpot winners across the country. They providing a level of care  and roster of services that align with our mission, including:

  • Strategic tax planning that helps reduce tax liabilities. Our team optimizes each winner’s portfolio across taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free accounts, taking into consideration income, capital gains and capital market projections to give winners a complete tax picture.
  • Personalized, experienced service that gets to know you and your family to provide solutions based on each winner’s exact needs and goals. While hiring a relative may sound like a good idea, a winner would be better served hiring a professional with years of experience in the jackpot industry, one who understands the vehicles used to finance jackpot payments.
  • Fiduciary protection means our financial planners are ethically bound to act in the winner’s best interest at all times. Building and keeping a winner’s wealth is their primary goal. 
  • Individualized plans provide a comprehensive approach that could include investments, estate planning and even insurance solutions tailored to each specific winner’s needs, securing their family’s financial future.

Lump Sum vs. Annuity

Every winner has different plans and goals. To ensure jackpot winnings are optimized appropriately, each winner will need to determine whether a lump sum or annuity option would best  meet their objectives. Jackpot Advocates will equip each winner with a personalized, detailed analysis from a team of professionals, allowing each winner to make an educated and informed decision that is optimal for their personal circumstances. A significant amount of prize winnings could be irretrievably lost if this decision is made hastily and without first speaking with seasoned professionals.

Win-For-Life Scratch Off Prizes

States offer Win-For-Life Scratch-Off prize winners a lump sum. It is absolutely vital that winners understand the consequences of such a decision before choosing an option that could literally cost millions of dollars in prize money and cannot be reversed. There are options available to winners which extend the life of life-contingent prizes which should be considered carefully with an attorney or financial advisor.


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